For me advertising is like Wonderland.
And I’m Alice.

Here are some agencies I've worked for.

Gut São Paulo.

Africa DDB
Santa Clara 
Estúdio Colletivo & IdeaFixa
Torke+CC [Lisbon and São Paulo]  


UEFA Euro 2016 👀️
Champion. 3 goals. 2 assists and 2 Man of The Match. 

El Ojo
Grand Prix (Institutional Campaign) - Stadium's Food Delivery

Gold (Digital/e-commerce) - Stadium's Food Delivery

Silver (Content/Activation) - Stadium's Food Delivery

Silver (Original Music) - Your Samba

Gold - Young Professionals

Clio Sports
Bronze - Stadium's Food Delivery

Shortlist (E-Commerce / Cultural Experience) - Stadium's Food Delivery

Shortlist (Promo & Activation) - BloodStore

Shortlist (Direct) - Room of Silence

Clube de Criativos Portugal
Gold in Field Marketing (Direct) - BloodStore

Gold in Consumer Events (Promo and Activation) - BloodStore

If you want to talk about these projects that I had fun being a part of, or about the next ones that will be here, feel free to message me.

︎  rafaknt@gmail.com
︎  +55 11 98901-3468